Alcoa using up all our water

Alcoa trucks in water as supplies run dry

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Alcoa Wagerup

Alcoa has had to truck in water to its alumina refinery with usual supplies running dry (ABC Local : ABC Local )

WA’s once-in-a-century drought has forced Australia’s biggest alumina refinery to start trucking in millions of litres of water.

Water is essential to operations at Alcoa’s refinery in the South West town of Pinjarra and the recent drought has put a dent in supplies.

In the past, the company has used water from rainfall runoff and licensed bores but Alcoa says the past five years have been the driest in more than a century. Hello, we could call that climate change!

The company says water supplies has become a significant problem.

It is the first time water has had to be trucked into the refinery and the Water Corporation says it is an emergency situation.

The water comes from an unused bore near Ravenswood which the corporation says produces water not suitable for drinking.



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Barnetts mates

This from the ABC, seems Colin is trying it on again! Anyone know when the next election is?


The State Opposition says it is a conflict of interest to have two former Woodside executives working in Premier Colin Barnett’s office.

Speculation about Woodside’s future has been growing since Shell sold part of its stake in the company last year.

Mr Barnett told a major oil and gas conference this week that foreign companies like BHP Billiton should not try to buy it and wants Woodside to stay in Australian hands.

Mr Barnett said he had a close connection to Woodside and Opposition spokesman, Mark McGowan, has asked whether that is because of his senior staff.

“Are you referring to the two former senior Woodside executives, Mr Pontifex and Mr Wedgewood, who you have running your office?” he asked.

Mr Barnett dismissed the allegation.

“My comments relating to Woodside in no way relate to people working on my staff, no way at all,” he said.

The Premier says his staff are very experienced and professional.


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FMG Video pulled from Vimeo

I found out why on the Yindjibarndi facebook page

Last night Vimeo removed the “Great FMG Swindle” video after threats from Andrew “Twiggy” Forrest. We had a new version on Youtube within an hour of finding out and over 11,000 people have now seen it in just over a week.
We have just put out a press release about FMG’s latest dirty tricks, lets wait and see what tomorrow brings.

Thanks all you mob helping us stand strong!”

You can see the video here

If there is nothing to hide why does he need to have the video pulled from Vimeo. If only we knew what really went on with big business. Who is running this country anyway?

Good to see Barnett sticking up for Woodside too. Hmmm I wonder if he is worried about his gas plant in the Kimberley?


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FMG Land Grab

I ask everyone to sit and watch this whole video and tell me your not disgusted with the way Fortescue Metals Group are trying to railroad this aboriginal community to give up their land and culture for nothing.

It sickens me. Woodside are trying to do the same in the Kimberley. Please watch and forward on to your contacts. So now I have another reason to believe that we really are the worst species on this planet. We destroy everything and soon we will destroy ourselves. My poor children, what hope can I give them. Maybe Twiggy Forrest has an answer!

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Fuzzy Altered Landscapes – Mervs Test

If it is fuzzy and weird looking is it art? I predict a nup! But who is right? This image is my view of the future, deep, like the sh1t we are in.



Merv Secretly loves Altered Landscapes

It is true he is just in denial, you heard it first here on blogileaks. When too much truth is hardly enough!

Don’t forget he has been known to cause erosion at certain Southwest beaches. I thought he was bogged but seems he was looking for coal all along. Shame on you Merv, you have been blogileaked!

Next victim!

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Fuji X100 release date mid March

Get your orders in quick, this little puppy is going to sell like hot cakes. I know how many are in the first shipment and unless your ordering it now you might not get one till later. Benny from Team digital can help you out with that. I will have one for my Karijini workshop. It looks like a brilliant bit of kit and something every shooter should have in the F-Stop bag.

Some stunning news on the new Canon range. Can’t say to much because I don’t know anything yet but I do know someone who is going to a product launch very soon. 5D3, 1Ds4, 600d, who knows, I bet your excited though.

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